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Friday, October 9, 2015

Prophet Brian Carn Story, Of How God Called Him Into The Ministry!

Reader, have any of you heard Prophet Brian Carn's story of how he was called into ministry? According to Prophet Carn, it wasn't an easy road, but God brought him through. Watch and be encouraged!

Come On Pastor Creflo Dollar Jesus "DID NOT" Bled And Died For Us To Be Rich!?!?!?

Readers, Pastor Creflo Dollar has removed a post that claim Jesus died to give us "financial prosperity." The reason for removing the post is unknown.  I am a huge fan of screen capture.  Capturing an image before folks realizes they been caught peddling falsehoods.  Often time it's the only way some will realize just how deceitful some preachers/pastors/teachers are.  So when I saw that someone had captured yet another awful lie on social media this morning, I just about spit my coffee out.

Don’t Despise The Day of Small Beginnings!

Readers, it’s easy to despise the day of small beginnings. Small beginnings often come with hard work and very little help. some would say Bishop Jakes was blessed back then while others would say otherwise. Some of  Bishop Jakes fans and followers called him out for sharing the above picture, of his humble beginning on his Facebook when he wrote:
"This is my old house in West Virginia. If I only knew then what I know now, my 58yr old self would have told my 28yr old self "Enjoy the Journey, celebrate along the way, be happy in motion, in progress! Despise not the days of small beginnings!" #Destiny2015" 

The post has attracted way above 62,350 likes and over a thousand of comments but, one comment, in particular caught people attention that was written by: La Della L. Levy;
"The home in West Virginia is actually quite lovely and if it is a small beginning you were blessed even then." 
Folks took her to task for her comment.  The reality is for some those "small beginnings" are rather huge. A lot of times we see people success but we forget they had to start somewhere.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Did “Empire” Ratings Dropped Because Of The Show’s Negative Jab At Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin??

Readers some church folks on social media are trying to attribute the show Empire drop in rating to it dig at Gospel Singer Donnie McClurkin. The claim is now that church folks who night have been watching the show are back at church on Wednesday evenings. Now, I am not trying to be funny or even rude but wow it amazes the heck out of me how hypocritical some church folks are. We in the church house loved the show when it first started, in fact, many churchgoers didn't go to Bible class which had pastors all over the country mad and upset.

What I find interesting is that most knew when they started watching the show that there were gay characters on the show. Now all of a sudden the church folks feel uncomfortable because the show made a comment about Donnie they are up in arms. Why not speak out when the show first started? why not raise a fuss at the beginning? How about maybe the ratings have dropped because the show simply SUCKS right now.  The dialogue is bad, the plot shaky and the acting is so-so.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Today Dr. Earl Carter Speaks Out About The Ugly Corruption In The COGIC Leadership!

Readers, some folks within the COGIC organization ain't too happy with the position Dr. Carter is taking right about now.  In his latest video which was uploaded last night ( Oct 6 ) Dr. Earl Carter isn't holding anything back, he's dropping nothing but bombs. The newly uploaded video is an eye-opener.  Dr. Earl Carter is the Doc Holiday of the pulpit. Y'all need to listen and take some notes. Set a time and watch the whole thing - you may find yourself smiling and asking a lot of questions.

A Coalition Of Black Pastors Is Asking People To Rise Up And Put An End To Anti-God Policies.

Readers, regardless of what these paid for hire negros say, Planned Parenthood does only a small %  of its total business in Abortion, and OVER a large % in contraception...that means that Planned Parenthood PREVENTS more abortions than they perform. Repeated studies have PROVEN that thanks to the use of Public Money, to pay for or help pay for Birth Control, over a large number of Abortions are prevented every single year.

I hope that Planned Parenthood is working on a lawsuit against these slanderers. These public lies have to stop and lawsuits are the only way to stop them other than the media doing their job and investigating the validity of information before sharing it with the public. Maybe the media should be sued.

Lord Have Mercy, Pastor Arrested For Allegedly Stealing $21,000 From Church To Pay Off Mistress!

Readers, a pastor at Lindsay Lane Missionary Baptist Church in Florissant was arrested after he admitted to allegedly stealing $21,000 from his church to keep his mistress quiet. Source:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lord Have Mercy, Dr.Earl Carter Is Now Being Black Ball By The Powerful Hand Of The COGIC Organization.

Readers, in the video I agree 100% with Dr. Carter rebuking the Church instead of putting on a dance and show and entertaining like most COGIC preachers tend to do now. The fact that they are trying to black ball him is troublesome for me.  It was a much-needed video  in my opinion, COGIC is well on its way to becoming the next major denomination to fall and become a mockery if it does not get these weak men out of office and from behind the pulpit that are afraid to preach holiness. I don't however agree with calling folks out of their name.

In the clip, Dr. Earl Carter is taking no names and calling them all by name while still speaking out concerning the message he preached in the 107th Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, November 2014. Dr. Carter discusses in detail the attacks he has been receiving from COGIC leadership since his message. 

What Would Jesus Say:Right to Die Legalized in California?

Reader California is to be the fifth American state to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives, legally.  California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday to allow dying patients to receive lethal medication and end their own lives. After weeks of speculation, Brown - a Catholic - said he chose to sign the contentious bill after consulting with his own doctors and a Catholic bishop.

The Bible tells us that it is God who appoints people to die. Essentially, assisted suicide is an attempt to deny God His sovereign right to appoint who dies when. We must be careful not to take into our own hands the right that belongs to God.

  Reader, do you agree with assisted suicide?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Do You Have To Look A Certain Way To Be Saved?

Reader, if God called us to himself and never asked us to change what would be the point? At some point in our lives we need to ask ourselves, do I look different in action, in love, in grace, in speech and even in how I present myself in the clothing I choose to wear than the old me.

 Some say church folks are always the first one to pass judgement on others.  The statement “You don’t have to look a certain way to be saved” by Alexis Spight, sparked a lively debate after her interview on the Yolanda Adam morning show aired.

 See some of the comments in this Instagram post…So the question is do you have to look a certain way to be SAVED?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

There's Trouble In The Seventh-day Adventists Camp!

Reader, it looks like Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts, is in hot water with his denomination over the issue of women in leadership. Some feel that he is doing damage to the church by his outspoken views that are not in harmony with church teachings.

The Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists has discouraged one of its churches from inviting Doug Batchelor to speak during a week-long revival meeting planned for the first of October.

 Batchelor's vocal opposition to ordained women at any level, whether deacons, elders or pastors, elicited a firm response from Florida Conference President Mike Cauley. Cauley issued a memo explaining that Florida Conference Administration advised the Spring Meadows Church in Sanford, Florida to reconsider inviting Batchelor to the October 2-10 meeting, citing the Amazing Facts speaker's divisiveness:

Why In The World Would Bishop T.D. Jakes Give Away A BENZ And A HOUSE?

Reader, there are two fake Facebook pages that are giving out gifts in Bishop T.D. Jakes name. One is called "Pastor T.D. Jakes" and the other one is called Bishop T.D. Jakes Ministry. Each page is claiming to be "giving away" big prices, only if you follow the instruction. Of course, this is not the BISHOP page, his page is a verified page called T.D. Jakes Ministries. Why do people follow fake pages? And when will people stop believing every single thing they see on social media?

A 'church torn apart' And A Woman Is To Blame??

Reader, this is interesting to see who is being accused of being at fault for this church split. According to this article, North Heights Lutheran is a 'church torn apart.' It's interesting to point out that the interim minister is a woman who is not the senior pastor. She was probably not even in charge when the church problems arose, but has since inherited the headaches that come with it. Some people don't deal well with female clergy.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Coming To A Pulpit This Sunday....The War Room!

Readers I knew when this movie first came out, it wouldn't be, but a matter of time before every pulpit in America would start their own War Room, with sermons and etc.

In my lifetime, I've seen a few "Christian" movies and don't watch them anymore as a rule. I feel they are for the milk-fed, I don't need to see the same story over and over again that I already know from reading the Bible, and usually the writing and acting is horrible.

This movie has been recommended to me more than once and as usual, I doubt I'll like it, especially after reading some of the controversy surrounding it. It probably will irritate the crap out of me if the husband's shortcomings are a result of the wife's shortcomings in her prayer life, and she has to improve herself to fix him. It's nice and good to pray, but sending the wrong message about responsibility and victim-blaming. So, has anyone seen it, and what do you all think of it?

Is It Sin For Unmarried Christians To Live Together?

Reader, the above question come from Facebook.  Given the number of people who are doing it, apparently the answer is "NO." Plus the fact that this is even being seriously debated shows just how far fallen the church is today.  Any real Christian knows that cohabiting and having a sexual relationship outside of a binding, lawful marital covenant by the legal standards is a very serious SIN. Am I wrong?

Friday, October 2, 2015

What In The World: Mega Church Pastor Back After Side-Chick, Baby Momma, Divorce And Cash Money Scandals.

Reader-how in the world can a pastor with moral and ethical principles and many scandals, possible have many churches under their leadership?

This is a very interesting read. At one point, Pastor Gary Hawkins had more scandals going on than a top rated soap opera. He was/is blood brothers with Bishop Eddie Long; that in and of itself  is a scandal.

Pastor Gary Hawkins fall from grace should have begun with his extramarital affair which should have torn up his congregation and destroyed his marriage. But instead it caused him to flourish as a church plant. Mega Church Pastor Back After Side-Chick, Baby Momma, Divorce And Cash Money Scandals

We Do Not Advocate Punishing Gays, Say Nigerian Bishops!

Reader, the leaders of the Catholic church in Nigeria have sought to distance themselves from a hate campaign against gay people in the African country. Nigeria has some of the harshest anti-gay laws in the world. Under legislation passed last year someone can be imprisoned for up to 10 years for joining a gay club or society, or showing “affection” to someone of the same sex in public. Also, anyone providing services to someone perceived to be homosexual - like a doctor providing medicine to an HIV patient - can also be imprisoned for up to a decade.

 The media and anti-gay protesters have used Christian churches views on homosexuality to insist severe punishment for gays in Nigeria. Source:

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fix It Jesus: Mega-Church To Host Presidential Forum??!?!

Reader in my opinion, the Southern Baptists won't give up in trying to shape the country in their own image. Once, I remember, how they supported segregation. This church with its' roots in slavery and historical opposition to civil rights wants to make certain their "Christian values" are not trampled by hosting right-wing radicals who have proven to be intolerant of others who are not like them.  Source:

I Need To Hear From Pastors, Why Is This Allowed In The Church House?

Reader this is what happens when worship ministry focuses more on entertainment than ENTERING INTO HIS presence. In my opinion, this was about being seen by the folks in the pews, and not necessary an expression of love for the King of Kings. 

Church Announcement: October Is The Month To Celebrate Pastor With Your Best Tithe Gift!

Reader's the 2nd Sunday in October has been dubbed pastor or clergy appreciation day with the entire month of October being celebrated as praise month. There are a huge number of people serving as clergy in the United States and a number of million people identify themselves as attendees of a Christian Church. While Christians make up nearly a third of the estimated global population of billions,  how many of those Christians take the time to thank and appreciate their clergy?

Clergy Appreciation Month, established in 1992, was developed with the mission of uplifting and encouraging pastors, missionaries and religious workers who work so tirelessly in this field of work. Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13:
“And now, friends, we ask you to honor those leaders who work so hard for you, who have been given the responsibility of urging and guiding you along in your obedience. Overwhelm them with appreciation and love!” – The Message Bible

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wow, Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, David Jeremiah, And Others Praying Over Donald Trump!

Reader's I vomited a little watching and listening to this foolishness. I couldn't even keep a straight face. Dr. David Jeremiah calls for strong African American Pastors to stand with Donald Trump.

I really think "The Donald" was caught off guard here. It makes me wonder if  Trump has ever prayed. Kenneth Copeland prays, Paula White prays then Jewish Jesus Rabbi Schneider gives an Abrahamic Jewish Blessing.  Watch during the first part of the prayer as Trump does not really bow his head. He is looking around with his eyes closed at times and other times they are open.

 He shakes his head yes to many of the things being prayed for, and even occasionally looks at the camera. I believe this was a new experience for Donald, even as the rabbi put his hand on his forehead to pray in Hebrew. Only God knows what was going on in his mind and heart during the prayer.

What made it more interesting is that Paula White ended the prayer. While I don't agree with many of these pastors and ministers. It was an interesting video to watch.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

If You Scared Say You Scared: Justice Or Else Is Not A March!

Reader's according to the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan latest post. Justice Or Else, is not a march, but a gathering of those who are not scared and are sober minded, plus serious about placing a demand on the United States government and putting power behind that demand to force the government to give us what we deserve.

This is not a march, but a gathering of those who understand that freedom has never been obtained without the loss of life and who step forward willing to give whatever sacrifice that the time and the God of this time demands. We are certain that God would not bring us out to slaughter but He does require that we take the ultimate stand in order that He may show his power. We recognize that there comes a time in the life of all suffering people where there must be a willingness to lay down their lives for the cause of freedom and a future.

This Is Why Kierra Sheard Is the Future of Gospel Music!

Reader's a standing ovation to native Detroiter and reality TV star, Kierra Sheard. Who is busy with her new clothing line for curvy girls, Eleven60. Kierra recently posted a video of her covering Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy." In the video Kierra explains how the modified lyrics apply to single Christian women. A beautiful acoustic guitar accompaniment Kierra's powerful vocals are definitely worth checking out. She even did a song for us mean folks....LOL!!

OWN New Series 'Belief' Has The Backing Of Many In The Religious Community!

Reader's unlike the queen of T V I don't believe that all faiths lead to God, there is only one way to get to heaven and that is through the shed blood of Jesus, "anyone who enters in another way, the same is a thief and a liar!" Not my words, but of Jesus!!

Anyhow, OPRAH WINFREY hosted a special screening of her landmark television series "BELIEF" with faith and spiritual leaders from around the world. Check out some of the guests and see what they had to say about the new series....some took to social media to plug the new show:

Pastor Rob Bell, Devon Franklin, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Serene Jones, Dr. James Perkins, Rabbi Jill Jacobs, Imam Mohamed Magid, Suhag Shukla, Dr. Rajwant Singh, and more.

 Bishop Joseph Walker, Senior Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Mega-Church in Nashville, TN
Prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime. @Oprah@OWNTV have produced a series that will ignite a much needed conversation about tolerance, faith and love. As a faith leader I was changed forever. As a theologian I am reminded of what Soren Kierkegaard said ‘every mental act is composed of doubt and belief, but it is belief that is the positive, it is belief that sustains thought and holds the world together.’ World get ready. It will be an October experience to remember.

Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, Senior Pastor of New Psalmist Baptist
 "Church Encouraging everyone to see #Belief starting in October on OWN!! God speaks to the world through faith and this will bless all people everywhere!"
OWN Series 'Belief' To Premiere October 18, Will Run 7 Consecutive Nights

Alright Now: Bishop TD Jake's Show Has Solid Ratings During Four-week Test!

Reader's after concluding its four-week test, Debmar-Mercury will take talk show T.D. Jakes out for sale with the intention of clearing it for a national launch next fall, according to co presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein.
“The last two weeks were the highest rated of this test,” said Bernstein, “and would you rather have a show where the arrows were going up or going down?” 

The Jakes test started somewhat slow but showed significant growth over its run. According to Debmar-Mercury, T.D. Jakes grew by 33% in households, 157% among women 25-54 and 160% among adults 25-54 from start to finish across its four Tegna markets—WFAA Dallas, WXIA Atlanta, KARE Minneapolis and WKYC Cleveland. Due to that growth, Debmar-Mercury feels stations should give the show a shot next fall. Source:

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rev.Raphael Warnock Hints He Will Run For U.S. Senate.

Reader's the pastor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic church Rev. Raphael Warnock might be leaning toward challenging Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson. Rev. Warnock outlined what would be his platform in a campaign against the two-term incumbent.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fix It Jesus: If Your Church Is Controlled By A Board, Your Church Is Out Of Order??

Reader's in my opinion, so many pastors has misappropriated so much money is why so many churches have to step up and taken control, especially when they see unnecessary spending.

 The below post is what a displeased, unhappy, disappointed and disgruntled pastor posted to Facebook. Do you agree?

"If the board controls and dictates to the leader, your church is out of order. If your church hires and fires their pastors, your church is out of order.  If your church doesn't allow your pastor to oversee the finances, your church is out of order. God never left the church in the hands of no board. He left the church in the hands of the apostles and told them to occupy till He returns. 
Your church is out of order, and cutting off it's blessings, when you make the church a corporation, and hire and fire the pastor, and dictate what he can and can not do. You will trust him to oversee your soul, but not your money. You are out of order. You are using a Walmart marketing system that keep the prices down to keep the people coming. 
You have turned the church into a corporation with a board that hires and fires the pastor, and controls and dictates to him what he can and can not do. We have brought the American system of government of Democracy into the church, and that church is not a democracy, it is a theocracy. 
It is controlled by GOD, through the MAN OF GOD, that HE set over the church, and that man of God answers to GOD, and must give an account of what's done in the church. If your church doesn't resemble the divine blueprint, that Jesus gave to the apostles. Your church is a false church."

Friday, September 25, 2015

Woman Finds Out Her Husband Married Another Woman During Church?

Reader's I swear you can’t make this stuff up. Dude, couldn't even go to a different church with the new wife, let alone a different state. Just lazy! Girl why you didn't tell anyone you and Patrick got a divorce?!" What the heck are you talking about? We didn't! "It must be a different Patrick then because Pastor just announced that he just got married."

 While attending a church service, Florida resident Miltha Plaismond learned that her husband had secretly married another woman, reports the Orlando Sentinel. The pastor stood at the altar before the entire congregation and announced that Plaismond’s husband of 21 years, Patrick Celicourt, had in fact married another woman. The incident took place at End Time Sabbath Worship Center near Pine Hills.

Gospel Hall Of Fame Musician Richard Smallwood Calls Choir Performance Of His Hit Song “Total Praise” Before Pope Francis “One of the Top Honors of my Life”

Reader's mad respect for this song being sung at the White House. Richard Smallwood is the greatest modern-day gospel songwriter. He was the first to blend classical and gospel. Source:

Congratulations Pastor Jamal Bryant:

Reader's congratulations to Pastor Jamal Bryant for making The Root 100 Influential List.

Black Church Work With Law Enforcement To Turn In People With Warrants.

Reader's a time is coming when your preacher/pastor might turn you are one of your loved ones in for a reward. I don't agree with this at all. I would be interested in knowing how many "slates" have been wiped clean and offenders released with charges dropped. Are these ministers being used to lead the sheep to the slaughter? Source:

The Kendrick Brothers Are Now Partnering With Bishop Jakes.

Reader's has anyone heard the news? The Kendrick brothers, known for their Christian movies (most recently war room) are now partnering with Bishop TD Jakes after speaking alongside him at Bill Winston's conference in Chicago. But everyone are not in support of this partnership.

According to the online rumors, Alex Kendrick has been keeping very suspicious company since he left the staff of Sherwood Baptist. In March of 2015, Alex Kendrick was a featured speaker at the “Missions and Marketplace Conference” in Chicago, Illinois. Among the featured speakers at the conference was well-known Word of Faith Oneness Pentecostal pastor and author, T.D. Jakes.

 War Room: A Review of the Movie and the Industry Surrounding It